Dentiste Nighttime Normal Toothpaste Tube 60g + FREE 1 Toothbrush Set
April 27, 2021
Dentiste Watsons Exclusive Set (Whitening 100g + Normal 100g+60g)
April 28, 2021
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Dentiste Guardian Exclusive Set (Sensitive 100g + Normal 100g+60g)


DENTISTE’ Nighttime Sensitive Toothpaste has a unique formula with 14 natural extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C, CDX, and KNO3 that helps prevent tooth sensitivity pain and inhibit the growth of nighttime bacteria that cause morning bad breath and enhances your confidence with fresh morning breath. It is also 100% SLS-FREE.

DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste contains 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C, and other essential natural ingredients. This special proprietary formula freshens your morning breath on the first night of use by inhibiting nighttime oral bacteria, which grow rapidly in the mouth while you are sleeping.

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