Dentiste Premium & Whitening Toothpaste Pump 120g
April 10, 2021
Dentiste Anticavity Max Fluoride Toothpaste 100g
April 10, 2021
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Dentiste 100% Natural Toothpaste Tube 100g


No more stinging/sensitive mouth: Chemical toothpaste can irritate and be harmful to oral tissue, but natural toothpaste can help decrease chemical toxicity.

Natural Whiteners perk up your smile: Dentsite 100% Natural Toothpaste uses Natural Sodium Bicarbonate and Natural Hydrated silica to whiten teeth instead of using bleaching agents that can cause sensitive teeth. Going Fluoride Free: Fluoride, being used for centuries for its anti-cavity effect, is actually a toxic substance. Over intake of Fluoride can cause yellowish teeth and adverse helath effects. Simple and real flavors: Dentiste 100% Natural toothpaste uses Xylitol and Stevia as sweetener and plant oils for flavuoringm not a lab-crearted flavoring.

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